7 Years Of Jagsters

Concept Art for the graphic adventure novel Jagsters

I can’t quite believe it’s been four years since I started writing the graphic novel Jagsters. So much has happened in those four years, I had a beautiful little girl and a fantastic little boy, Covid shook the world, and in between all that I tried (at least half successfully) to keep my sanity through writing and developing this beast of a graphic novel. To say that mentally these years have been a walk in the park, would be lying, but as much as it has been taxing, it has also given me heaps of energy, good vibes and a weird sense of persistence to get it all done. 

A life before Jagsters

Another wild realization was that the origin of Jagsters traces even further back. Bushwhacking through my old hard drives I’ve traced its origins to 2015, when I painted some rough concepts of Pearl, Dolores, Charles and Bradley. Back then I had no idea what kinds of trouble these characters were going to get themselves into, but subconsciously I could feel them, being alive in there, somewhere between the pixels. It was the first time I understood what writers meant when they said they just had to listen to their characters and write down what they were doing and saying. I could feel these people, and even without knowing exactly what kind of adventure they would get into, I knew how they clicked and that it was really just a matter of putting an obstacle in their way to get the ball rolling.

It’s hard to imagine my life before the graphic novel, or even Jagsters. I have very intimately lived with these characters for 7 years now and it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t there. My hope is that you, the reader, get to know these individuals as intimately as I do, and that they able to burgle and steal at least a tiny piece of your heart just as they did in mine.

Jagsters is close to being launched, and as terrifying as that prospect makes me, I’m equally stoked to finally talk and share its world with you. Thanks for being there, and stay awesome.

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